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In today's art world, painting, sculpture and drawing seem almost obsolete. In art centers, museums and galleries, more and more space is given to photography, video, installations, and sometimes works that interact with the public. Painting becomes more a conceptual support than an aesthetic object. Fortunately, however, for some artists this discipline still remains a form or means of expression.


Such is the case of Emma Ferguson, who not only paints on paper or canvas, but experiments with materials that remain embedded in her works. In one of her recent projects, the materials are often waste, debris, scraps of paper and bonded materials, which are given a new life.


Her Planets series invites us into a fantastic universe, a space of beauty and emotions.


Through layers of various materials, Emma Ferguson takes us to oceans, islands, continents, topographies, rain forests, streams. She blends background and foreground in these celestial spheres to bring out textures, material and plastic tangle, reconfiguring cartographies that seem to track natural phenomena and inner worlds of experience.


Her works are not complete, but in process of constant change...


Curators, Iris Navas y Eugenia Macias

(Excerpt in English from the original review in Spanish)